New newsletter format


as you can see, the newsletter is now transferred to a blog format. Vi ask for a little bit of patience – it takes a bit of trial and error in the start-up phase.  We will appreciate constructive feedback!

The newsletter will be continuously available on this web address:

Back-issues can be found here:

To submit material for the newsletter or to contact the editorial board, please use this address:


The top image in this issue is borrowed from a folder on BIO’s server.  The photographer could not be identified from the file – if you recongize the photo as your own, please be in touch!

It would be nice if we could have a small collection of images which could be used for the newsletter – and also our webpages.  If you have any nice photos that you would like to share, we would much appreciate it.  In that case, please send the images to with information about the photographer and motif.  If we receive a sufficient number of good quality photos, we would like to rotate the top image, to display at least some of the academic variety harboured within the walls of BIO.  For this we would need high-resolution images that can work visually also in a strongly cropped format.


The newsletter is now organized in a Norwegian and English language version.  However, many posts will still be available in Norwegian only, and some only in English.  This is both due to the fact that we do not have the capacity to translate the rather large amount of information we receive.  But in many cases, we are also not the owner of the information.  That means that we are not necessarily at liberty to make a translation, and certainly not when the information in question has a formal character.

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