Do you want to join the roof garden team?

Hello! As announced in the last issue, the department has received support to develop a roof garden on top of the A block (TM53A). The garden will of course be open for everyone to enjoy – students as well as staff. We aim to achieve a mixture of useful and ornamental, and annual and perennial plants. We are quite excited to see if the bumblebees and bees find their way all the way up to the roof!

The university will cover the costs of equipment, plants and tools, but we must ourselves be responsible for the work of building up and maintaining the garden. We are in the process of putting together a team of volunteers. Currently, we are 6-7 people, but we would like to have more! Everyone can contribute, and if you know a bit about garden and plant care, that’s a bonus!

The task force will have a start-up meeting next Tuesday, 7 May at 10.15 on Teams. If you are unsure, please feel free to join the meeting to hear a little more about the plans before you decide!

Those interested can contact Nina –

Tasks in the short term will be

  • Making a rough plan for the layout of the garden
  • To make a plan for what we are going to plant and sow in the first place
  • Purchase, transport and install planters, compost bins and other equipment
  • Purchase and transport of soil and fertiliser, preparation of planters and pots
  • Purchasing/retrieving seeds and plants, planting in the boxes, growing cuttings/small plants etc
    • This must be done in several rounds, depending on what is to be planted, how long it takes to propel small plants, etc
  • Painting existing furniture (and possibly planters)

Then we have to set up a plan for maintenance and care – and harvesting when the time comes! And when the garden is well and truly finished, there will be an official opening with an ever so small garden party!

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