Ecocritical dialogues – Tuesday 28 May

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Time and place: “Zinken Hopp”, Litteraturhuset in Bergen, Tuesday 28 May at 19-20:30.
The event is free and open to everyone.

Today’s curricula place great emphasis on exploring texts, places, academic themes and different types of environment and material, and recognize the potential of exploration in knowledge acquisition. In order to be a skilled teacher in today’s and future schools, it is therefore important to practice good strategies and have appropriate methodological tools to conduct exploratory teaching.

Dialogic teaching is fundamentally exploratory, and the anthology Ecocritical dialogues – introductions to work with sustainability in teacher education (2023, University Press) shows how the framework ecocritical dialogues, which combines a dialogical approach with perspectives from ecocriticism, can be a way to explore and further develop the interdisciplinary topic sustainable development in teacher education.

The chapters in the book exemplify how one can work with and use ecocritical dialogues within various teacher education subjects and in schools. The aim is to give teacher educators, student teachers and teachers in schools professional examples of, and tools to carry out, dialogic teaching where the interaction between people and nature is central.

Nina Goga and Lykke Guanio-Uluru are both professors of literature at the Department of Language, Literature, Mathematics and Interpretation at the Norwegian University of Applied Sciences.

They teach primary school teacher training, and are both active in the research group Nature in Children’s Literature and Culture, which is led by Lykke Guanio-Uluru.

Welcome to an exciting lecture!


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