HSE update: Risk assesment and chemical spillage

BIO’s HSE handbook is constantly updated with new information. HSE-handbook for Department of Biological Sciences | Department of Biological Sciences (BIO) | UiB

A description for handling chemical spillage was recently added to the HSE handbook as a measure after a HSE-non-conformities.

In the HSE report for 2023, BIO had to answer “no” to the question of whether we have updated risk assessments. Based on this, several working groups have now been set up to update the risk assessments that were last carried out in 2016/2017. We are obliged to update the risk assessments annually, and all risk assessments must be documented in writing in accordance with the internal control regulations. More information about risk assessments is available on the HSE-gateway. HSE risk assessment and safe job analysis (SJA) | The HSE-gateway | UiB

Initially, we are focusing on the following areas:

  • Field work
  • Research cruises
  • Working with and handling of liquid nitrogen
  • Working with dry ice
  • Risk assessment of working with chemicals
  • Work with GMO and biological risk factors

The risk assessments will initially be saved on BIO’s technical team, but we are looking for other options for storage so that all employees and students can access the risk assessments.

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