Use the sequencing facility!

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BIO have our own sequencing facility for Sanger-sequencing.  This is now placed in the 2nd floor of “Biologen” A-block – in the corridor parralell to the administration:,60.380696&zoom=18&campusid=340&sharepoitype=poi&sharepoi=1000723342

Prices and practical info can be found on the Sequencing facility’s homepage:

For further info and questions, please contact Bjørg Flatekvål ( , tel 45 24 79 16).

The service is primarily suited for analysis of small to medium numbers of samples (from a few up to 4-500), and we can normally provide analysis results within 2-3 days.  Whether or not the service can be sustained in the future depends on it’s usage.  So if you are in need of a swift and easily accessible local sequencing service, it is important that you use the local facility whenever appropriate!

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