Greetings from the Department – 14.06.2024

Instituttleder Ørjan Totland. Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Dear all,

Monday is the official opening of the roof garden. Everyone is invited. Come and see how nice it has become, and feel free to bring an edible or otherwise nice plant if you have one to spare. There are still places available in the beds.

On Wednesday 12 June the bachelor’s and master’s ceremony took place in the University Aula. As usual, BIO was very well represented and Anne had the great pleasure of representing us.  You can get a few impressions from the image below. This is really proof that we are doing an important job at BIO, by educating society’s need for knowledge about biology and molecular biology, in the broadest sense. Although we can always make things a little better, we are confident that those who have completed a degree at BIO have the invaluable competence to take the next step forward with a competence that society needs and that is in demand.

Updated numbers of applicants for our master’s programs are ready. We have 190 first-priority applicants for a master’s in biology. That should be enough to fill all 55 places we have on this study programme. Very good! For the master’s in molecular biology, we have 40 first-priority applicants for 20 places. That should also be enough for us to fill the places.

There will be 59 final master’s exams before the summer. There are many and it requires a lot of coordination from the study administration, from supervisors and from examiners. An important part of quality assurance is the arrangement we have with an internal inspector. There is still an opportunity to contribute to this quality assurance, so I encourage everyone who has not yet registered as an internal examiner to do so as soon as possible.

Next week there is a department council meeting and the most important issue will be the long-term budget and budget input to the faculty. It will all be presented at the general meeting we will have on Wednesday next week. Meet up and be informed about the financial situation. Our new head of department; Ståle, has been involved in the process, so that he already has good insight into the processes.

I wish you all a very good weekend.

Hilsen Ørjan

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