MRCRM seminar series «the Ex vivo facility – why, how and when”, with Einar K. Kristoffersen

Time: April 27, from 14:30 – 15:30

Venue: Auditorium 4, 3rd floor, BBB, Jonas Lies vei 91

Register for tapas:

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Welcome to the first seminar in the Mohn Research Center for Regenerative Medicine (MRCRM)’s seminar series, where Einar K. Kristoffersen will present “the Ex vivo facility” – the new cleanroom laboratory at the Laboratory Building. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to learn more about how cell products for regenerative patient treatment is going to be manufactured at Haukeland and why we need an extremely clean laboratory for this practice. Read more about the new cleanroom here:

Einar K. Kristoffersen is head of the Department of Immunology and Transfusion Medicine at Haukeland University Hospital, Professor at the Department of Clinical Science at UiB, and centre leader at MRCRM.

Join us for mingling and tapas after the seminar (since we will order food, we ask all participants to register via the registration link above).

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