Month: November 2022

Greetings from the Department – 25.11.2022

Busy times now before Christmas (as usual, and yep, it’s already ‘the time before Christmas’!). Exams to be prepared (or read for). Some New Year’s resolutions must be ticked off before it’s too late (possibly turning the tables in the…

Economy update 25.11.2022

Dear all, here is the status of the work with finances recently. Relocation status: It’s the last rush and last week of moving, and the level of activity is higher than ever.

15 Dec. BIO seminar and dinner. Sign up!

Christmas is upon us; we have really deserved it. More information regarding signing up, time, location and a small contribution can be found here: Velkommen til BIO – seminar og middag 15. desember ( Details from the Skjemaker sign up…

Would you like to have an elegant map for free?

Next to the entrance of Thormølensgate 53 (Biologen) we have placed a box containing various maps which are no longer in use.  If interested, you are free to help yourself to one or more of these, free of charge.  Thanks…

Are you considering to apply for status as Excellent Teacher Practitioner (ETP)

If you intend to apply for ETP – send your application (1 pdf file) to Beate Ulrikke Rensvik ( to be uploaded and sent in ephort (the document/archive system). Deadline: 1. December Read the call (Norwegian language)  

30 Nov. MolBio-seminar, Kirill Jefimov

Dynamic insight into the inner workings of the proteostasis network 9.15 – 10.00 Seminarrom 439C1 (“Inkubatoren”), Bioblokken Eller digitalt – kontakt for lenke

2. Dec. PhD-defense, Ragnhild Gya

Disentangling effects and context dependencies of climate change on alpine plants 13.15 – 16.00 VilVite, Nash Auditorium Read the press release (Norwegian language)