Economy update 25.11.2022

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Dear all, here is the status of the work with finances recently.

Relocation status: It’s the last rush and last week of moving, and the level of activity is higher than ever. Especially in the B-block, Biologen and 5th floor of Bioblokken, HøyTek,  there is a lot of activity, but also in the archives in the A-block. We will will finish vacating these areas by Thursday 01 December, so that we can formally dispose of them on Friday 02 December.I know that December is busy for the vast majority of people, but please help a colleague if you have the opportunity. It is nice to see that there is an incredible amount of good cooperation and help and team spirit going on in this process. Thanks to everyone who contributes!!! This week I have learned that we have a professor with a forklift driver’s license, who expertly swung the jack trolley, and that the technician team are capable of moving almost any object at all with a little planning.

Teaching costs: Piloting of the course budget is ongoing. The course in charges (emneansvarlige) for 10 selected courses have been given the task of testing our new budgeting spreadsheet to estimate the total cost of teaching for each course. This will give us a good overview of our total teaching costs. The deadline for submitting the pilot is Friday 25.11.22. Once we have completed the pilot, we will plan how and when we create a budget for the rest of the courses at BIO.

Compulsory teaching duties: We have reviewed the status of compulsory teaching duties with the faggruppe leaders, and this week also received the reported need for teaching assistance for spring 2023. It will be the task of the faggruppe leaders to match available compulsory teaching duty hours with teaching needs within the faggruppe. Before Christmas we will organize a follow-up meeting to review the distribution of teaching duties, and to get feedback on the process.

Best regards, Julie

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