15 Dec. BIO seminar and dinner. Sign up!

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Christmas is upon us; we have really deserved it.
More information regarding signing up, time, location and a small contribution can be found here:

Velkommen til BIO – seminar og middag 15. desember (uib.no)

Details from the Skjemaker sign up form:

We will start at 12:00 with the seminar in VilVite and anticipate to start with food in the canteen around 17:00. Due to limited space and economy there is a max. number of participants of 130, first come first serve. Tapas will be served, and it will be possible to purchase drinks. Own contribution: 100 NOK.
Register below, please indicate if you would like to join for both the seminar and food (option 1), or seminar only (option 2).

The deadline for signing up is Monday 28 November. Warm welcome.

Best wishes, Julie”

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