Call for Applications: PhD Supervision Excellence Training for Academic Staff 20-24 June 2022

Dear members of the Doctoral Studies & the Education Innovation Working Groups,

I am happy to invite you to the Second Teaching Excellence Training for Academic Staff: PhD Supervision Excellence Training for Academic Staff organised by The European Network on Teaching Excellence (E-NOTE) project, where the Coimbra Group is a partner.

The Training will be hosted online by Charles University in cooperation with the Universities of Leiden, Coimbra and Copenhagen between 20th and 24th  June 2022. Participants will have the flexibility of choosing from the various programme panels.

The focus of the Training will be on innovative and effective practices for training supervision excellence in higher education. The objective of the event is to showcase good case studies of excellence training, including programme composition and context and evaluation of excellent supervision and allow participants to gain hands-on experience through practical workshops. Themes divided into five days of Training include: Excellence in PhD programmes, Well-being and mental health of the PhD programme, Supporting career development of PhD students, Excellent supervision practice and Training excellent supervisors. You will find detailed information here.

Applications deadline: May 24th 2022 (midnight, 24:00 CEST). Apply through this online form. The Training is free of charge, and you are welcome to send this information to colleagues who may be interested in attending.

Applicants will be selected based on their professional background and motivation to participate and can expect a response with regards to their application within 14 days (by 7th June 2022).

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,



Magdalena Kozula
Policy & Advocacy Officer
Coimbra Group Office

Egmontstraat 11, rue d’Egmont

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Tel: +32 2 513 83 32

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