Thursday 8. September – Digital teacher’s meeting @ BIO: Student workload

12.15 – 13.00

Zoom (if you did not receive the link, please contact

Hello and welcome to the autumn’s first digital teacher meeting at BIO.

The theme of the meeting will be workload and scope in courses. We get an introduction from Lucas Jeno (Department of Education) about student workload and from Tina Dahl (UNIS) about how to calculate the workload depending on the amount and types of activity in a course. There will also be time for questions.

For BIO, it is important that all course managers (emneansvarlige) and lecturers do this exercise for courses they are involved in. Firstly, it is our responsibility that the students learn what they are supposed to and that the scope of their work is in proportion to the number of credits they earn. Secondly, it is also important, given our financial situation, that teachers’ overall use of time and resource use towards a subject is in accordance with the scope of the subject.

We hope many people prioritize this meeting. The tool that will be demonstrated will be useful for everyone, especially in relation to the upcoming deadline for reporting study plan changes!

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