Nomination of candidates for UiB’s working environment award

Bildet viser en ansatt i dialog med studenter
Arbeidsmiljøprisen ved UiB kan tildeles enkeltpersoner, fakultet, avdelinger, seksjoner, fagmiljø, grupper eller enheter.
Eivind Senneset

The University of Bergen have established a yearly award to raise awareness and stimulate efforts to improve the working environment at UiB’s units. The award consists of a diploma and 75.000 NOK.

Deadline: 11. December.

Read more and nominate candidates (Norwegian language)

All staff and student may nominate candidates.  The deadline is 11. December, and the nomination must be submitted via a digital nomination form. 

The award may be split between two or more recipients and may not be used to the personal benefit of the winner.  The recipients may freely decide on the use of the award amount, given that the purpose is directed at improving the working environment or to promote inclusion.

Mer info here (Norwegian language):

Årlig arbeidsmiljøpris | HMS-portalen | UiB

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