New member of staff – Eline Rentier

Foto: privat

Hello! My name is Eline Rentier and I just moved to Norway from the Netherlands to do a three-year PhD at the department of biological sciences. In the Netherlands, I studied at the University of Amsterdam and obtained a master’s degree in Earth Sciences; geo ecological dynamics. My academic background is in landscape modelling, GIS/RS, geo-ecosystems and -diversity, natural capital and geo-and ecosystem services. For my thesis, I mapped coastal geomorphology using laser altimetry data and supervised machine learning in Google Earth Engine.

My PhD position at UIB is part of the “Past, Present and Future of alpine biomes worldwide” project”, supervised by Dr. Suzette Flantua. The purpose of this project is to develop an understanding of the role of the dynamic past of alpine biomes in shaping present-day biodiversity and provide a foundation for anticipating ecological responses to future climate changes (see our website: My focus for this project will be on uncovering and quantifying the spatiotemporal dynamics and connectivity of alpine biomes on a global scale.

I am very excited about this three-year adventure in Bergen and look forward to meeting you!

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