Invitation to the course PhD seminars on writing, searching and data management Spring 2023 – 1 ECTS

Photo: Ingunn Rødland / Caroline Armitage

This course for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences provides candidates with the tools to efficiently manage their research projects and publish the results. Completed course including participation and activities can be credited with 1 ECTS credit (25-30 working hours) in the dissemination part of the training component.

Course schedule:

March 10th 09:15-15:00 Academic honesty in searching, reading and citing. Publishing strategy and visibility

March 14th 09:15-15:00 Open Science and Research Data Management

April 28th 10:15-15:00 Scientific Paper Writing

May 23rd 09:15-14:00 Scientific Paper Writing and Publishing

The registration deadline is February 15th.

If there are fewer than 25 registered participants, the course may be cancelled.


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If you have any questions, you can contact Ingunn Rødland:

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