EUP AH&W: European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare – SRIA and Survey


The EUP AH&W intends to be a Research and Innovation Partnership set up in the context of Horizon Europe. Its general goals are to progress Europe towards healthy and sustainable livestock production systems (for both terrestrial and aquatic animals), including the reduction of anti-microbial usage, and to greatly improve production animal welfare, in line with the European Green Deal and farm-to-fork strategy. Furthermore, the EUP AH&W will enhance public health and well-being by facilitating cross-sector collaboration in a One Health – One Welfare perspective.


SRIA is open for public consultation

This is to form that strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) document is open for public consultation (Only pages from 1 to 40). More information here.

We request you to forward this message to experts and academics with relevant backgrounds in animal health and animal welfare. We encourage them to send their comments and suggestions directly to Dr. Alice Morrell, provaxs – Ghent University, with a copy to undersigned. This SRIA is open for public consultation until 17 February 2023.


Public survey is open

Also, the EUP AH&W is open for public survey. You can also confirm your interest to participate in the EUP AH&W as well as provide information on your contribution to the partnership using the survey.


In addition to this, there will be an online webinar on the 15th February at 1pm CET, to provide further information on the partnership and answer any questions you may have. A link to the webinar will be made available on the EUP AH&W webpage.

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