Biologisk fagutvalg, BFU

Foto: BFU  Top left: Fredrik Eikevik (styremedlem), Stine Lines (nestleder), Inger Olsnes (økonomiansvarlig), Cecilie Hrönn Pettersdottir Jensen (PR-ansvarlig), Hanna Sannes (leder), og Sunniva Nilssen Aarbø (styremedlem) 
Bottom left: Nina Karoline Srebo (sosial arrangementsansvarlig), Gina Koulibaly Barry (faglig arrangementsansvarlig), Gunvor Einevoll Frimreite (masterrepresentant), og Tonje Olsen (masterrepresentant).

We in the “Biologisk fagutvalg” (BFU) represent both bachelor’s and master’s students in biology at UiB. We act as a link between the students and the Department of Biological Sciences, and organize several social and academic events. Some of the events we have organized during the semester are a quiz at Integrerbar, a party at Duggfrisk, winter swimming, lunch lectures, and presentations of the master’s courses.

This semester we have had a focus on offering several lunchtime lectures. A lunch lecture means that the students can eat their packed lunch while listening to one of UiB’s employees talk about their research. This semester we got to come to the University Museum to hear Terje Lislevand talk about the Plasthvalen (the Plastic whale), Jonathan Soulé and Ruben Thormodsæter gave us an introduction to the Escape room for learning and virtual field course, and Kari Fladmark talked about the use of zebrafish as a model organism for research into Parkinson’s.

We have also, for the first time, organized a Science Relay in collaboration with Lei en biolog (hire a biologist). This is because we see the value of being able to communicate science in a good way, and to offer an arena for training in exactly this. Here, 8 students had the opportunity to give a lecture on a topic of their own choosing. During the evening we visited everything from sperm competition and whales, to how to survive with lions as your nearest neighbour. The event took place at Integrerbar, and we experienced it as a great success.

On Thursday 4 May at 17:00 we are organizing a General Assembly at Kvarteret. Here, the board for autumn 2023 will be elected and we hope that YOU will show up – both you who would like to be part of the board next semester, but also you who just want to be there for the social. We serve pizza, and it is possible to buy something to drink in the bar at Kvarteret. See you there! Link to the event on facebook:

If you are wondering about anything else, you can find us on Instagram (@biologiskfagutvalg) and Facebook (

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