Introduction to Paopto – digital course May 23rd 10.30

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Panopto now replaces Kaltura (My videos) as the video platform in Mitt UiB. The supplier will hold a 90-minute course for all new users on Tuesday 23 May at 10:30, via Zoom. The course will take place in English. You can participate using this link: course will be recorded and the recording will be available via Mitt UiB. You will find it here:


About Panopto in Mitt UiB 

You will find Panopto in the left menu of each course, in the same way as My videos and the course’s videos. A separate topic with user guides for Panopto can be found here:

Kaltura will function as normal through the spring semester, but for the next semester Kaltura will be closed for uploading new videos. All existing Kaltura videos will continue to be available until the end of 2023, while Panopto must be used for new content.

All Kaltura videos will be transferred to Panopto during the summer/early fall. If you own videos in Kaltura, you will get a separate folder in Panopto with your old videos.


New routine for automatic video deletion

As a general rule, educational videos must be deleted when they no longer serve their purpose. To avoid collecting videos that are no longer to be used, we introduce routines for automatic deletion. The default setting will be for a video to be archived 13 months after the last viewing. It is then no longer visible, but it can be retrieved on request for a further year. It will then be completely deleted from Panopto’s server. If someone still wants to take care of the video, it can be saved longer on the server. And you can always download your own videos for your own storage.


Privacy policy

Panopto is a cloud service, which is not considered secure enough to store sensitive personal data. Within Mitt UiB, the service must therefore be limited to so-called green (open) or yellow (restricted) data.

For UiB læringslab,
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