New member of staff: Vetle Holen


My name is Vetle, and I am the new intern here at BIO.

I am sitting with Jarle in Expedisjonen, where I am learning new things every day.

I am available to help with most odd jobs, if there is something I perchance don’t know, I am very much willing to learn, or can possibly refer to someone who can help, so don’t be afraid to come and ask for help with anything!

A bit about me:

I am born and raised in the heart of Oslo, I moved to Bergen in 2021 to attend “folkehøgskole” at Fana, after which I did a yearly study in philosophy at UIB.

I consider myself a sporty nerd, I play lots of volleyball and work out on the side, other then that my hobbies are mostly a variation of video games, comic books and DnD

A fun fact about me is that I was on a show called “smarter than a 5. Grader” when I was in 5. Grade.

I look forward to learning new things and getting to know everyone at BIO!

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