Mon 9. Oct, guest lectures by Rose Thorogood and Andrew Higginson

Rose Thorogood – foto University of Helsinki
Andrew Higginson, foto University of Exeter

Rose Thorogood – Social behaviours and population processes at the range edge

Andrew Higginson – Managing and Exploiting Environmental Variability

When: 10.15

Where: Store Puddefjorden, TM53B, 5et.

Rose is associate professor in animal behavioural ecology at Helsiniki University, Finland, where she is currently working on social evolution in cuckoos.

Andy is senior lecturer at the psychology department at University of Exeter, UK. He combines models and theory for animal behaviour with empirical studies.

Rose and Andy are in Bergen to act as opponents for Agnieszka Ruminska, who will defend her PhD thesis 9 October at 14:15 in Stort Auditorium. 

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