Summary from the HSE-day

Thank you all for a great HSE-day Tuesday December 5th.  Here’s a brief summary of our seminar:


Congratulations to our celebrants in 2023


Ørjan welcomed us to the seminar og we were informed about our celebrants this year. Congratulations to all!

The results from our work environment survey

Julie presented the results from the work environment study, by going through the survey and the number of respondents. In addition, she presented the statistics from the questions, and some examples of the input we received on the open questions.

Changes in the workplace – how does it affect us and our well-being?


Andreas and Truls from UiB’s occupational health service gave a talk on how changes in the workplace affect us and how be thrive at work.

After a break, they continued with to questions and some group work on the following two questions:

1. What is most important to you in this change process that you want to communicate to the manager/management?

2. What can you contribute to improve the situation with regard to point 1?

The group work and questions resulted in a very good open discussion about the changes at BIO and how we together can improve the situation and handle the changes.

Results from our work environment survey

Julie have gone through all the suggested measures from the work environment survey. They circle around the following 12 measures (see presentastion). Julie showed some of the feedback resulting in the 12 measures, and after a brief discussion with neighbouring colleages, everybody were invited to vote on which measures are important to start with. We thereby produced a prioritized to-do-list together.

Glimpses from 2023 – some of this year’s happenings

Suzette Flantua, Arild Breilstøl and Adele Mennerat shared their experience from respectively the phd-postdoc network, the islet cleaning day and the leadership workshop for female scientific staff.

Quiz about us ( with prize!)

We rounded off with our mandatory quiz about colleages, and Oliver Müller won the kilo of confectionary, which he kindly shared with us.

Thank you for a very nice day, dinner and evening together!



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