Re-opening of the wardrobes in the basement of Bioblokken, TM55

Photo/ill: Colourbox

Cloakrooms for work cyclists and other exercisers in Thormøhlensgate 55.

The wardrobes in the shelter in the basement of the Bioblokken are now almost fully refurbished and can be used from Monday 15/1.

Completely new cloakrooms with cupboards have been built and the shower rooms have been given a facelift with paint, new lighting and new mirrors, etc. Some minor work remains with ventilation/supply air in the changing rooms and installation of drying cabinets in the two shower rooms. This will be in place as soon as possible, but the changing rooms are ready for use.

The men’s cloakroom has green cupboards and is located across the hall from the men’s shower room. The referee’s cloakroom has light blue cupboards and is located across the hall from the ladies’ shower room. The doors will be clearly marked shortly.

The cupboards are lockable. We ask you to inform users to remove locks and empty cupboards at the end of each year. It is planned that any locked cupboards will be opened and emptied week 1 each year to avoid cupboards being locked and unused. This is notified in advance.

We hope the changing rooms will be useful and enjoyable for commuter cyclists and others who have their workplace at Thormøhlensgate 55


For Sameiet Thormøhlensgate 55


Simen Sætersdal

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