UiB Call: Erasmus OS-funds for spring 2024

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The Division of Student and Academic Affairs (SA) is announcing OS funds (Organizational Support) for the spring semester 2024. The OS funds are generated by mobility through the Erasmus program and will be used for measures that will promote international student mobility with good academic grounding at UiB.

Both academic and administrative staff at the department and faculty can apply for OS funds. Such measures can be:

  • Events/measures to promote outgoing student exchange, such as information meetings and social events
  • Arrangements/measures to improve the integration of incoming exchange students
  • Contact trips to partners to facilitate and ensure the quality of outgoing student exchanges. SA assumes that no more than two employees should travel.
  • Measures that promote the investment area of ​​inclusion and diversity within internationalisation.
  • Measures that promote internationalization with a low climate footprint.

In principle, OS funds will cover up to 50% of the expenses. For small amounts, we may consider covering more than 50% of the total costs.

The maximum allocated amount per application is NOK 30,000.

Applications must be sent to the The Division of Student and Academic Affairs in ePhorte, case no. 2024/1737 (contakt knut.daasvatn@uib.no for help), with an overview of how the money is to be used. The applications will be processed continuously.

We ask the faculty to make the support scheme known in their academic circles. If they have questions, contact the Division of Student and Academic Affairs, contact person Helge Bjørlo.


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