New member of staff – Augusto do Nacimento

Foto: privat

Hi, I am Augusto. I will be working in the PPF Alpine Project for the next six months as a scientific assistant, where I am assisting with geospatial information and literature review on the Last Glacial Maximum alpine glaciers, in order to develop an updated global geodatabase of LGM high-altitude glaciers.

I am Brazilian, however I have been in Norway for the past 2.5 years, where I did a bachelor’s exchange in Physical Geography and completed a master’s degree in Earth Sciences at the University of Bergen. On my master’s, I created an inventory of supraglacial ponds and ice cliffs on Tapado Glacier in Chile, and focused on 3D modelling and spatial analysis, as surface lowering and backwasting retreat, of high-altitude debris-covered glaciers and its features.

I also have a background on spatial urban analysis and urban microclimate; however, my main interests are on cryosphere dynamics and in how geographic information systems and spatial analysis can facilitate research and improve our understanding of glacierized regions

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