Fire safety

Photo of propella-sculpture by Høyteknologisenteret

BIOs assembly point in the case of a fire alarm is by the propella at Høyteknologisenteret

We had a successful fire drill for the A&B block on Thursday this week. Please note that you can always find information about Fire Safety in BIOs Fire Safety handbook and in the HSE-gateway.

Info about local contact person within the fire safety organisation at BIO can be found here. FIRE ALARMS

In the BIO block (Høyteknologisenteret) there is a traditional fire alarm with a bell alarm.

In the A&B block (Biologen) the alarm alternates between oral/voice notification and an electronic ringtone.



The gathering point for UiB Marineholmen is at the Propeller between the Data-block and VilVite.


IMPORTANT! Keep out of the way and make room for the fire department and rescue crews.

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