Greetings from the Department – 2. June 2022

Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Now the days are hectic for all of us; so hectic that we may sometimes slip.  For that reason, we sound that we suddenly had very limited time to register research groups for NFR’s forthcoming BIOfag evaluation. I wish we had a more thorough process, but we had to throw ourselves around. And we ended up enrolling the following research groups for the evaluation: Fish health, Microbiology, Environmental and Aquaculture biology, Terrestrial ecology, Theoretical ecology and Coastal and fjord ecology. One of the criteria laid down by NFR is that there should be at least 5 permanent scientific employees in each group. Although the process went fast, I am satisfied with the reported list. The actual evaluation will take place in the autumn. I look forward to it.

The process of reducing the overall area that we use, is close to a conclusion, but still not entirely finalized.  We have recently officially reported to EIA (the Estate and facilities management division) which areas we want to dispose of. Based on this, we aim to work out the plan for the actual process of moving persons and facilities affected, before the summer holidays.  That will enable us to start moving soon after the holidays. Julie and I will contact “faggruppelederne” to initiate the process.

There has been some ambiguity regarding the administration and distribution of compulsory work for PhD students. This is unfortunate for everyone; the research fellows themselves, course coordinators, supervisor and the department. We are in the process of preparing clear routines and guidelines for the duty work, so that we handle this better in the future. More info will follow before the summer.

Our long-standing and excellent HSE coordinator; Evy, leaves after many years of hard and fantastic work in a very important area for BIO. Her efforts, and of course also those who have worked together with her, have made BIO a beacon in HSE work at UIB and are really noticed and listened to. Evy; Thank you very much for your efforts. And I am very happy to be able to inform that Ann Kristin Frøyset will take over as HSE coordinator at BIO. As I know Ann Kristin, this function is thus in the best hands, and I am sure that Ann Kristin will continue to lead the HSE work at BIO together with the rest of the HSE team in a very good way. Thank you so much Ann Kristin.

I wish you all a really good Pentecost holiday.

Mvh Ørjan


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