Results of the Department council election

Oslo 20110829.
En mann avlegger stemme i valglokalet på Rådhuset mandag. Illustrasjonsbilder i forbindelse med kommunevalget 2011.
Foto: Son Nguyen / Scanpix

New members of the Department council has been elected, representing group B (temporarily employed staff in teaching and research positions) and group D (students).  You can find some info on each of the representatives on the election webpage.

Gr. B – number of nominees: 3

Elected representative:
Alicia May Donnellan Barraclough

Elected substitute representatives:
1: Thomas Michael James Stevenson
2: Gaute Wilhelmsen Seljestad

Gr. D – number of nominees: 7

Elected representatives:
Anton Michael King
Mina Frøshaug

Elected substitute representatives:
1: Tana-Helén Meyer-Becker
2: Christina Marie Ingdal
3: Vebjørn Kverberg Opsanger
4: Kristine Borhaug Dahlgren
5: Jonas Stuksrud



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