Ann Kristin Frøyset is our new HSE-coordinator

Ann Kristin Frøyset. Foto: privat

We are very pleased that Ann Kristin Frøyset has agreed to take over as HSE coordinator after Evy Foss Skjoldal, who resigns from her position as chief engineer at the department on 15 June. Then she also naturally retires from the role of HSE coordinator, which she has held brilliantly for a number of years. In order for the department to have the opportunity to get to know Ann Kristin a little, we have asked her to describe herself in a few words:

I have worked at the department since August 2010 and have always been associated with the molecular biology divison (faggruppe), formerly MBI. My everyday work consists of the laboratory responsibility for lab 3 where Kari Fladmark and Evgeny Onishchenko are located. Among other things, I assist with research work, ordering, and supervision of master’s students in the lab. In addition, I am responsible for gas at BIO, waste coordinator (T55 building), and assist the purchasing office in entering into new framework agreements for both gas and personal protective equipment.

In my free time I thrive very well in the mountains and at sea. Large parts of holidays and long weekends are spent at the cabin in Nordfjord with a short way to both mountains and fjords. If anyone needs travel tips to Nordfjord, just get in touch

I am ready for new challenges and take over the role of HSE coordinator after Evy with equal parts of joy and anxiety.

Ann Kristin



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