Follow-up of items raised in the employee survey last autumn – status

Last autumn, an employee survey was carried out at the department. Based on this, a list of 10 measures/improvement points was drawn up which the institute’s staff pointed to in the survey. The department’s management has chosen to prioritize the 3 points that most pointed to in the survey in the first instance.These were:

  • Long-term staffing plan for use for future appointments
  • Follow-up/improvement of the institute’s strategic plan and the accompanying action plan
  • Better information and communication

Working groups have been set up for each of these points. Here is a brief update on the status of the work:


Long-term staffing plan

The working group consists of head of department Ørjan Totland, head of administration Julie Stavnes, subject group leaders – John-Arvid Grytnes (Ecology and evolution), Gunnar Bratbak (Microbiology), Aina-Cathrine Øvergård (Fish health), Katja Enberg (Fisheries and marine biology), Jon Vidar Helvik ( Environment and aquaculture biology) and Gyri Teien Haugland (Molecular biology) and head of education Anne Bjune.

The group is examining our long term teaching obligations and possible adaptations.  The groupleaders have assessed the staffing situations in their group, and their reports are collected in a document which will be discussed by the management group Monday April 29th.


Strategy and action plan

The working group consists of Selina Våge (leader), Helena MD Midtbø, Kirill Jefimov, Kristine Birkeli, Odd André Karlsen, Øystein Varpe, Knut Olav Daasvatn and Ann-Elise Olderbakk Jordal.

The group’s mandate

  • To review the strategy plan with a focus on identifying areas or objectives that appear problematic or unrealistic.
  • Reviewing the action plan with a view to identifying measures that have been implemented (or not) and, if appropriate, proposing new measures the institute should focus on in order to achieve the objectives in the strategic plan.
  • To prepare a short version of the strategic plan that can help make the plan available and highlight the most central elements.
  • To review the report from the Bioscience Evaluation and incorporate relevant input and recommendations from the evaluation panel into the strategy.
  • A report with proposed changes to the strategy and action plan together with a short version of the strategy plan must be delivered to the department by 15 June.

The group had a start-up meeting on 9 April and will work continuously towards the June 15th deadline.


Information and communication

The working group consists of Knut Olav Daasvatn (leader), Katherine Downham, Dagmar Egelkraut, Nina Hølland and Selina Våge.

The group’s mandate

  • To map the flow of information at the institute – what information is shared, how it is communicated and identify possible points of improvement
  • Based on the findings, the group will propose measures that can improve internal communication – e.g. new information channels, meeting points or changes in routines/practices for internal communication
  • As part of the survey, a survey will be carried out in which all the department’s employees will have the opportunity to provide feedback on what works well and less well, as well as provide input for possible improvements
  • The group must prepare a report with a summary of the survey together with the group’s proposals for changes/measures which must be handed over to the department management by 3 June.


The group had a start-up meeting on 18 March. A survey has been prepared which will be distributed to all employees next week.

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