Greetings from the Department – 26.08.2022

Dear All,

I am grateful to Ørjan for the possibility to write a short note in BioNews this week! As Head of Education at the department I have many tasks on my responsibility list. The most important one is to always make sure we have focus on and work with developing the quality of our teaching and that we are aiming to develop what we offer to our students. And you are doing this – all the time! This autumn we have two issues that are very important – one is the possibility for all to make changes to the courses they are involved in through the changes in the study plans (studieplanendringer), and we have to submit program evaluations to the Faculty. The bachelor and master program in biology, the master program in molecular biology, and the master program in aquamedicine must do this. As always, I will encourage course responsible to go through the course description and its content and activities and submit changes if necessary. The work with the program evaluation is a larger task. Some of you will be in the committee for these, but I hope you all will be contributing to it if approached!

Now as the semester has finally started, we will find time slots to continue the teachers’ meetings, both online and in-person, where we will share experiences and discuss teaching, courses, cooperation and development!

If any of you have questions or suggestions for topics either I or we should work with at BIO or questions/cases I should bring forward to the Heads of Education at the other departments please take contact – send me an email, call me on Teams, or come to my office (3B11) on the third floor of the A-building (BIOLOGEN).

I hope you all will have a nice weekend!


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