Economy update

Financial pronosis

Our latest pronosis predicts an accumulated deficit of 52 million NOK, which is slightly better than last month’s estimate.


The sustainable finances working group work continuously on improving the points of improvement which have previously been identified.  Lately, the group has focused specifically on the mechanisms and routines for securing income from externally funded projects, such as compensation for allocated work hours (“frikjøp”) for permanent staff, and bench fee for infrastructure (“leiestedskostnad”).

Sustainable finances

As mentioned in this week’s greeting from Ørjan, Anne Marit Blokhus will assist Ørjan and Julie in the process of rectifying the department’s financial situation. 30 % of Anne Marit’s time will be allocated to this work until the end of the year, and thereafter 80 %.  By and by, Anne Marit will also have an office here.



Internal relocations are carried out as we speak, currently primarily concerning labs and offices in the B-block of TM53 (“Biologen”) and emptying of archive/storage rooms in the 2nd floor of the A-block (by the administration’s offices).


Budget for 2023

The department’s budget proposal for 2023 was submitted in July.  Later on (the exact time may differ a bit from year to year) we shakk receive the formal allocation letter from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.  Until we do, we will re-examine central parts of the budget, to prepare the follow-up of next year’s budget.  F.ex. we will have a closer look at the teaching budget based on our experiences from 2022.

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