Greetings from the Department – 28.10.2022

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These are busy times! “Biofag”-evaluation, 5-year evaluation of the master’s programs and relocation of laboratories and offices, at the same time that we must keep operations and teaching going and think about the next round of applications for NFR and the EU.

Fair enough that we be evaluated, what I don’t understand is that we are to report what we already reported in other contexts. We publish openly, enter our publications in Cristin, update web pages and report to NFR and the EU. In addition, we must assess and reflect on our own efforts as to whether they are good enough and compare ourselves with those we consider to be the best in the whole world – self-praise is well-praise. Everything can be found online, should be sufficient to provide a list with names and ORCID, then they could find out for themselves whether what we deliver is good or not. Also, to what end will the evaluation actually be used? Should the “good ones” be awarded and the “bad ones” get cut backs. Or should the “bad” receive additional support to be able to get better and the “good” less, because they need it less? It would have been good to know before we boast too much of ourselves.

Recently heard a comment that Ørjan’s editorials are positive and optimistic, while the faggruppe leaders are just whining and complaining. So I will keep a positive focus from now on. Many thanks to the technical staff. They have really taken the challenges of the autumn upon themselves. A major part of the work with organizing and moving falls to them, and I am sincerely happy that you take initiative and responsibility to organize yourselves and the work for the good of all. My admonition to everyone else is that you do your part when there is cleaning, carrying and moving to be done and not least when it has to be decided whether old samples and equipment which no one uses, can be thrown away. “I will have a look next week” will not do, it must be done now!

Last week, Ørjan wrote that Anne Marit Blokhus will have a part-time affiliation with BIO in the future. I think that can be a very good help for the department’s senior management. With 300 employees, it is not possible for one department head and one head of administration alone to cover everything, follow up on all matters and make decisions big and small. Perhaps there is a hint of an admission from the Faculty management in this, that the reorganization of the administration was not all beneficial for such a large department as BIO?

And then a little happy message at the end: One of the projects we are involved in, MOSAiC, has received “The Arctic Circle Prize”  for its contribution to research in the Arctic. This is the third time the prize has been awarded, previous prize winners are none other than Ban Ki-moon and John Kerry. Not bad! Congratulations to ourselves!

God helg.


Gunnar Bratbak

head of Faggruppe mikrobiologi

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