Economy update 28.10.2022

Foto/ill: Colourbox

A central government budget which reduces the funding for the sector, combined with internal cut-backs and increased running costs at UiB due to a large increase in energy cost, means that next year’s budget will be very tight.  We have to assume that our possibilities to use external teachers paid by the hour, will be very limited indeed.  Thus, it is greatly important that we make full use of the time designated to required teaching duties for phd and post doc fellows.  Also, we will continue to focus on cost reduction in our educational programs.

A temporary stop in hiring has been decided by the MN Faculty, including all the Faculty’s departments.  This means that ongoing hirings will not be concluded for the following 2-3 weeks.  Also, upcoming hirings will not be initiated during this period.  The purpose is to gain control of the Faculty’s financial situation, in particular in relation to the reductions in the central government budget and increased energy costs.

We are currently preparing a pilot test of the newly developed tool for budgeting courses.  10 courses have been selected to test the tool.  They will be approached in the near future, and a common demonstration of the tool will be organized at the start of the study.


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