BIO in Pepperkakebyen!

På bildet: Faezeh Mohammadi, Elsa Denker, Pavinee Nimmongkol, Lindsey Moore, Christiane Trösse og Heidi Kongshaug

This year’s contribution to Pepperkakebyen has been delivered.  This time the motif is Thormølensgate 53 a+b, better known as Biologen.

With the aid of construction plan drawings and photos, we have baked and constructed the building using ginger bread dough.  We have taken some artistic liberties, but also highlighted details which we all recognize.  Some of you may perhaps be able to identify the person portrayed by one of the candy men?  The masterpiece can be admired in Pepperkakebyen at Kode 4 (Lysverket) from November 19th.

An international collaboration between six bakers representing six different nationalities and the groups Fiskesykdommer and Utviklingsbiologi, is behind the construction.


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