Greetings from the Department 2.11.2022

Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Dear all,

As reported in the previous edition, the Faculty has introduced a temporary stop (2-3 weeks) in all hirings at all it’s departments. The background is that cuts in funding for research and higher education in next year’s national budget, along with a huge increase in energy costs, has put additional pressure on the Faculty’s budget, which was already strained. Of course, this does not make the financial situation at BIO any easier. We are just starting to carve out next year’s budget, and we must be prepared that our room for action will be at least as limited as it has been this year. This means that the stop in hirings at BIO will continue, we will have to be even more restrictive with regard to running costs for teaching and laboratory operations, and we will now focus even more on securing full coverage of the department’s costs related to externally funded projects, mainly through correct and consistent use of “frikjøp” (work-hour cost) and Research Infrastructur Source (“leiested”). We will of course come back with further information when we know more.

At the moment we are faced with many challenges, including job cuts, area reduction and relocations, limited funds for teaching, etc. I understand that it can be frustrating. At the same time, I would like to praise everyone for being so solution-oriented and willing to contribute your part. Without that positive and constructive attitude, the way through these challenges would have been much harder. Thanks to all of you. As always, I am an optimist, but know that we have a big task ahead of us.

I wish everyone a nice weekend.

Hilsen Ørjan


Ørjan Totland



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