Economy update 18.11.2022

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Financial work: While we wait for the final distribution of the budget, we have started preparing BIO’s budget for next year. We have started by looking at the costs of tuition and fixed salaries.
We have also recently finalized an updated estimate for the financial year 2022 as of October 2022, and this time we have lowered the estimate to 51 million in accumulated deficit. We still have a number of uncertainties that must be settled before the New Year. Including the holiday balance, so I would like to remind you to register your holiday. As previously informed, there is no opportunity to transfer holiday to 2023, unless (part of) your holiday has been cancelled due to illness.

Status of relocation: Still high activity in the areas affected by relocation, and expect a lot of work until the deadline of 02 December. This week, the pipetting machine for the Sequencing Lab was moved from the 4th floor in HØYTEK to the second floor in A-block Biologen. More bookshelves containing academic books will emerge at different locations in the Biologen building, as as the archive is emptied of books. There are many old archives that are now being packed up and sent to the central archive.

Teaching costs: Piloting of course budgets is now underway. 10 course in charges (emneansvarlige) for 10 selected courses have been given the task of testing our new form to budget the cost of teaching for the course. This will give us a good overview of our total teaching costs. A zoom review has been arranged on Monday 21.11 to review questions. The deadline for submitting the pilot is Friday 25.11.22. Once we have completed the pilot, we will plan how and when we create a budget for the rest of the courses at BIO.

Compulsory teaching duty: All our PhDs with compulsory teaching duties have reported their teaching hours for this autumn’s, and the faggruppe leaders leaders have received an overview of how much time they have spent and how much is left. They will soon also get an overview of the registered need for assistance for the spring’s teaching, and will see how the available teaching duty hours can be used here. We hope to be able to reduce the cost in 2023 for contracted assistance by using compulsory teaching duty in a better way.

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