Safety round for offices January 2023 – summary

Foto/illustrasjon: UiB

The safety round for offices for 2022 was postponed due to the relocation process, which was completed in December 2022. A survey was sent out to uncover any deficiencies in the employees’ offices. The inspection was carried out on Monday 23 January between 09 and 12 to those people who wanted a visit.

A total of 109 people responded to the survey, and we visited 16 offices on the inspection round.

Most reported problems are mainly due to noise, either from the ventilation system or from common areas such as lunch areas located near offices. We would therefore encourage users of lunch areas to show consideration for their colleagues who sit in adjacent offices.  There are also several people who point out that the headphones are poorly fitted or that they are missing headphones. The expedition at BIO has headphones available and will order new ones if necessary. BIO’s finances do not allow us to purchase noise-reducing headphones to everyone at BIO.

It is also pointed out that it is difficult to conduct digital meetings, especially in multi-person offices. A tip was received about having colloquium islands in the corridors that can be booked if necessary for digital meetings. We are investigating the possibility of such furniture being available at UiB.  At the same time, we will also inform you about the possibility to reserve meeting rooms if you are attending digital meeting. The overview of available meeting rooms can be found at . To book a meeting room, the expedition must be contacted by e-mail

We discovered that several employees are missing office signs. It is possible to do this yourself by logging into UIB’s sign database with your username and password. Press the text for the door sign and enter the room number. Select the type of sign, the number of people sitting in the office and fill in the necessary information. Print out on A4 and cut out the sign afterwards. For shared offices with 4-7 people, you must make a sign yourself, such signs are unfortunately not available in the sign database.

  • Errors and deficiencies in temperature regulation, ventilation and lighting have been reported to “Driften”.
  • Insufficient cleaning has been reported to COOR.
  • For PC-related problems, we ask you to contact IT via uib help. Login (

Thank you for participating in the office survey.

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