Greetings from the Department 10.02.2023

Hei alle,

Our teaching in the spring semester has started and it is not a secret that it has been a challenge to get all the pieces in place. I hope we have managed. Everyone is probably not 100% happy with the solutions, but I hope we all will be that at the end of the semester. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who pitches in, regardless of how much time you contribute to our courses. Teaching and education at BIO are something that I and many others work with every day all year round. We have only just started to look at what challenges we have for the autumn semester. As part of the work, we have decided to introduce a course budget. Some of you took part in the pilot we had out in the autumn. From this we received good feedback and have made some small adjustments to what we are asking for. Now the form goes out to ALL that are course responsible. The aim is to get a better overview of all our courses – both in terms of use of staff, use of compulsory work, time used for lab/field/cruise activities, and the time teachers and students use, and other aspects of course economy. The form will be sent out in week 7 and there will be opportunities to get an explanation and ask questions. Together with the form for the course budget, I would like to remind you about the calculation of workload, which we had as a topic this autumn. Many subjects came out just fine and some calculations show that the timetable is a bit overloaded. Remember that doing more doesn’t always make the course better! When we have received the course budget from all our courses, we will go through them and, if necessary, make adjustments together with the course responsible before the budget is approved. The goal is that for next year’s course budget you only need to report changes, if there are any.

Studiebarometeret will be published on Thursday 16 February. Then we will get information on what the students think about the education and study programs we offer! If you want to follow the streaming from NOKUT, it starts at 8 a.m. Registration takes place via NOKUT’s web pages.

I hope you all will have a nice weekend!




Anne Elisabeth Bjune

Head of teaching

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