Greetings from the Department – 10.03.2023

Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Hi everyone,

First of all; Congratulations to Odd-André Karlsen and Peter Manning, who have both been promoted to professor. Both make a huge effort in research and teaching and joint tasks for BIO, so this is very well deserved.

Yesterday there was an information meeting about admission to master’s in biology and molecular biology as well as master’s in sustainability. There was a very good turnout; Stort auditorium was almost filled to the brim. It is very important that we get many qualified, skilled and motivated applicants for our master’s studies. Many thanks to BFU, Helix, group leaders (faggruppeledere) and the study administration for a very well-executed event.

Yesterday we had a gathering to mark Christel Krossøy’s leaving the department.  Christel has been a technician at fisheries and marine, and has done a very good job there as well as towards BIO and the faculty’s HSE work. Christel is now moving to a new position in Tekna, just across the street! Many thanks for your efforts at BIO Christel. I know you will be missed. And good luck in your new exciting job.

We have set up a working group that will prepare a plan for the move from the premises that fish immunology has on the 4th floor (Bioblokken). This is the last moving process in phase 1 of our area reduction. Many thanks to all those who put themselves forward for this important, but also challenging task.

We have also set up a working group, led by Fabian Rentzsch, which will look at possible synergies between courses in the MOL and BIO programs, in line with our strategic plan. It is important that we do not have unnecessary obstacles for students who wish to take courses across the programs. It is also important that we do not have too much duplicate teaching, which is an unnecessary use of resources.

Today is the deadline for submitting course budgets. Many thanks to everyone who has delivered. Very good. And many thanks to those of you who deliver today. This will be an important tool for gaining control over the use of resources in the form of time and money in our teaching.

I wish you all a nice weekend in the last remains of winter.

Hilsen Ørjan

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