Greetings from the Department – 24.03.2023

Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Dear All,

Previously, I met the Fisheries and Marine Biology group. It is important for me to get clear input on concrete challenges that result from our economic situation. For my own part, it was an important input to include, especially regarding staffing on the teaching side. Even though this and other groups (faggrupper) are in a challenging situation, I feel an understanding of the challenge and that you are solution-oriented. I aim to visit the other groups throughout the spring as well. In the challenging situation we are in, it is important that we have an open dialogue.

After a good dialogue between BIO, the Department of Informatics and Sushma Grellscheid, we have agreed that Sushma will go to the Department of Informatics. Since Inge Jonassen became head of department at II, Sushma has had a leadership role towards Elixir, which is a large and important project at Informatics and the Faculty. It has proved challenging to fully take on the leadership function without being employed at the department responsible, and we have jointly concluded that the best solution is for Sushma to transfer to Informatics. Sushma has made a great effort at BIO and I hope she will continue to seek collaboration in many areas with former colleagues at BIO. I wish Sushma the best of luck at her new department and with the important leadership role at Elixir, and thank her so much for her efforts at BIO.

BIO was represented with a large delegation at the NMT (Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Technology) conference in Stavanger last week and was very visible. Many thanks to bioCEED for the efforts made towards teaching quality.

BIOnytt is read by many, including students. It is then important that the students are also visible, and I greatly appreciate that the student organizations at BIO take the opportunity to present themselves. They do a very important job for all the students at BIO and are very important for our teaching quality.

With these few words, I wish you all a good weekend.

Hilsen Ørjan



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