Month: March 2023

Fri 14. Apr. PhD defense Francesca Vulcano

Metagenomics-driven predictions in Archaea from hydrocarbon-rich Arctic hydrothermal systems: Phylogenetic and metabolic analyses of methane and short-chain alkane degrading lineages 10.15-12.30 Lille auditorium, Datablokken, Høyteknologisenteret

Greetings from the Department – 24.03.2023

Dear All, Previously, I met the Fisheries and Marine Biology group. It is important for me to get clear input on concrete challenges that result from our economic situation. For my own part, it was an important input to include,…

UiB advise against TikTok and Telegram

UiB follows the recommendations of the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) with regard to the use of TikTok and Telegram, and advises against installing these applications on work devices. “Work devices” here means mobile phones, tablets or computers paid for…