Four new excellent teaching practitioners (ETPs) from BIO!

F.v.: Anne Bjune, Vigdis Vandvik, Jorun Nyléhn og Sehoya Cotner

BIO already has three ETPs (Excellent Teaching Practitioners) from before who are members of the pedagogical academy at the faculty. Yesterday, four new ones from BIO received this title. I congratulate Sehoya, Jorun, Anne and Vigdis on this prestigious appointment and thank them for the efforts they make to strengthen the teaching and educational quality at BIO.They have all, in different ways, contributed significantly to the teaching at BIO, but also the faculty in general, changing in a direction that challenges both students and lecturers and that puts the students’ learning in focus. It is very important that we have these pioneers in teaching and educational development at BIO because it makes us all better and it is very good that they achieve honor and glory and recognition in this way. They very well deserve it.


Prof Ørjan Totland

Instituttleder/Head of Department

Institutt for biovitenskap/Department of Biological Sciences

Phone: 47758058

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