Alterations to curricula for the academic year 2024/2025

Any alterations to the curricula for the academic year 2024/2025, must be approved by the program boards and the department council by late September. It is a prerequisite that the proposed alterations are kept within the institute’s budget.

Alterations that can be reported are:

  • Creation and closure of topics
  • Changes in subject descriptions
  • Changes in study program descriptions
  • Changes in studyplans
  • Change in teaching semester
  • Change in assessment form
  • Texts for certificates and diploma supplements

We want special attention to be paid to the terms mandatory work requirements obligatoriske arbeidskrav and form of assessment. The faculty has made an overview of general provisions for all assessment with special emphasis on portfolio assessment vs assessment with several assessment parts, link to MittUiB:

Desired changes are made by the individual lecturer in EpN – Course planning online:

Contact the study section if you have any questions.



The study section.

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