Missing link? Spice up your UiB personal page with MazeMap!

On the personal page that all UiB employees have, the visiting address and postal address are shown. There should automatically be a street address, but it can sometimes be wrong. In addition, it is possible to enter a room number so that it is easier to find you, and you can also enter a MazeMap link that leads visitors straight to your office door!

We would like to encourage everyone who has not done so to:

  • Check that the visitor address on your personal page is correct, and possibly correct it if not.
  • Add the room number of your office to the visiting address.
  • Search for your office in MazeMap and put the map link into the map link field in the visiting address editor window (MazeMap links are ridiculously long, but will not appear on the page, but are located as a clickable link on the visiting address): https://use.mazemap.com/

Otherwise, we also encourage everyone who has not entered a portrait photo on the personal page to do so, and that you otherwise use the personal page actively to convey information about yourself and your professional activity.

Feel free to contact knut.daasvatn@uib.no if you have any questions

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