The deadline for applying for sabbatical leave is 01.10.23.

All permanent employees in at least 50 % positions as professor or associate professor can apply for a 1-year sabbatical leave after 6 years of service, or ½ year after 3 years of service. Female associate professors can be granted sabbatical leave after half of the earning time of the first two sabbatical leave (however this does not apply beyond professorial competence) and, if special circumstances occur, can also be given the opportunity for somewhat greater flexibility in relation to stays abroad.

For information on procedure, application form and information about how to apply for support, see:

Terms for sabbatical leave | Outbound researchers | UiB

Vitenskapelig virksomhet og forskning | Ansattsider | UiB [Apply for support for scientific activities and travel.  Norwegian language]

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