Are you thinking about hosting a trainee or guest student ? APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR SPRING 2024 IS OCTOBER 10TH


The deadline for the BIO to send information about the applicant to the Faculty:

  • For traineeships/stays in the FALL semester (August – December): APRIL 25 
  • For traineeships/stays in the SPRING semester (January – July): OCTOBER 10 

No extension will be given after these dates. 

All complete applications must be signed by Ingvil R. Sahr in the Study Section ( 


  • Duration of a traineeship/guest student stay is max. 2 semesters. 
  • Trainees/guest students may apply for student housing at Sammen, but they do not receive a housing guarantee. Read more here. 
  • The student has to arrange their own liability/accident insurance for the stay.  
  • UiB and BIO cannot award academic credits for a traineeship period/guest student stay. 
  • The research group hosting the trainee/guest student has to provide the student a desk/office space and adequate HSE/lab training, if this is needed. 
  • An application cannot be made retrospectively or after the traineeship/stay has started. 


Erasmus+ traineeships must be arranged directly between the student, their home institution, and BIO. A traineeship period must last between 2 and 12 months, and must be recognised/included towards the student degree in home institution. See website about Erasmus+ Traineeships. 

Required documentation: 

The Learning Agreement for traineeship must be signed by the trainee, the home institution and the receiving research group at BIO. 


Guest students are international students who have their permanent residence outside Norway at the time of application and who wish to be admitted to part-time studies/traineeship. Guest students do not come through an exchange agreement. Guest student status is only granted at master’s level. See website about UiB’s guest student application process (in Norwegian). 

Required documentation: 

The application form must be signed by the guest student and the receiving research group at BIO. Are you thinking about hosting a trainee or guest student ? 

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