UiB introduces a project applications’ module (Unit4)

Foto/ill: UiB/Unit4/Colourbox

UiB has introduced a project applications’ module linked to the finance system Unit4. All project applications involving external funding (not UiB internal funds) must now be registered in the applications’ module.

The department’s research admin will register the applications in the project applications’ module. We have adapted the Skjemaker-form that is already in use so that it captures the information needed. Thus, the change for the individual applicant should be minimal.

It is important that the department receives the Skjemaker-form with the necessary information in good time, preferably at least 4 weeks before the application is due. Assignment of a project economist and final approval of the application by the department can only take place after the information has been received (as before) and the application has been registered in Unit4.

Innføring av Unit4 prosjektsøknadsmodul ved UiB [Introduction of Unit4 project applications’ module]  – letter from Financial Services to the University Faculties and Divisions [Norwegian language].

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