Greetings from the Department – 24.11.2023

Melanie Burford, Silvereye Pictures

Hello everyone

The semester has flown by and both students and staff are busy with exam reading and exam preparations. A current topic this semester has been artificial intelligence (AI), and this is something that is widely discussed in the media and not least put to use. At the weekend we could read on NRK the news that “Artificial intelligence in school is like jumping on a speeding train”. An important question is what consequences it will have for both staff and students here at the department and at UiB. Both students and staff can get professional support from chat(ro)bots such as ChatGPT. The possibilities are endless, the chatbots can write essays for us on any topic, so submissions only take a few minutes, they can support researchers in writing applications and articles. But we must be critical; on one occasion, the bot referred in a text to an article that does not exist, and when pointed out, the bot politely apologized. But how is the learning going? How can we use it as a resource? Do we have to stop with submissions and home exams? Will it be good to use AI for correcting reports and exams? This should be brought up for discussion. How can artificial intelligence be useful in our research? In human medical research, AI is used to detect disease and for diagnosis. This could also apply to fish and other animals. AI will also be able to streamline data analysis of large data sets, which is becoming more and more relevant as sequencing technology continues to improve and costs for next generation sequencing fall. Regardless of how we will use AI in the future, let’s hope that real intelligence will also be used…

Regards, Gyri

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