Greetings from the Department – 15.12.2023

Instituttleder Ørjan Totland. Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Hei alle,

Thank you very much for the good turnout and many good constructive inputs at the general meeting we had earlier in the week. Very good. In short, we will intensify our work to strengthen BIO as the academic-social home for PhDs and post docs and we will initiate a process that makes us better at identifying and strengthening our young research talents so that they become competitive in order to win in the competition for external research funds. Furthermore, we will initiate a process in the subject groups and further at the institute which will provide a basis for future prioritization of subject areas at BIO. We will also continue to work with student recruitment and, not least, measures to ensure that the students who start at BIO actually complete their degree here. It is important both for us and for the students. And then we will do what we can to ensure that we communicate and inform even better internally, with the main emphasis on scientific communication both within and between subjects and research groups.

Thorolf Magnesen has joined the ranks of the pensioners. One of his important and major tasks was to act as station manager at the marine biological station at Espegrend. Many thanks to Thorolf for a great effort. Henrik Glenner will take over as head of the academic committee at MBS and subject group leaders in fisheries and marine biology and microbiology will also be members of the committee, in addition to others. In this way, we ensure the continuation and development of the professional management at MBS. Frank Midtøy wants a managerial responsibility for the actual operation and also coordination of the work that takes place at MBS. MBS is a particularly important infrastructure for BIO (and the rest of the faculty) and we will develop the station so that it is used even more, both in research and teaching. MBS is also particularly important for our international cooperation, and has been central to a number of large externally funded projects.

Thanks for a great Christmas party last week. It was nice that so many people came, and of course there was both poetry and dance.
This will be the last BIO news before the Christmas holidays. I hope you all have a good and relaxing holiday and that we are back with fresh spirits after the New Year. Thank you very much for your efforts this year. I’m looking forward to next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Hilsen Ørjan

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