UiB Lektorsenteret: Announcement of seed funds to strengthen practice and partnership in lektorutdanningen

[Our translation]

In 2024, the Lektorsenteret will issue seed funds that can be used for activities that contribute to the redesign of the lecturer’s education strengthening practice and collaboration with the field of practice.

The funds are intended to stimulate new initiatives that can contribute to developing partnerships between UiB and the field of practice and which can strengthen the connection between practice, professional subjects and disciplinary subjects in lecturer training.

Development of campus days and work with didactic/pedagogical use of AI in school subjects will be prioritized.

Application criteria are attached [Norwegian language]

The application deadline is 2 May and answers will be given by 16 May.


Vennlig hilsen

Endre Otto Brunstad
Faglig leder

Ranveig Lote

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